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Waterfalls between Umbria e Tuscany

  • Discover Acquapendente

    Waterfalls on the border between Umbria and Tuscany
  • History of Acquapendente

    Located between Lazio and Tuscany, Acquapendente is one of the major tourist centers of the Tuscia. Its strategic location makes it possible to admire both the local treasures and quickly reach Orvieto, Lake Bolsena, Siena and others.

    On top of a hill that dominates the entire village of Acquapendente, there is the Clock Tower, also known as the Barbarossa tower belonging to the fortress built by Henry IV in the twelfth century. Even if today unfortunately it is completely destroyed.

    The city, characterized by fascinating medieval features, offers many picturesque views and buildings of great value, both historical and architectural.

    Visit Acquapendente means rediscovering an ancient land, full of beauty, where ancient history blends with the culture of taste.

    Many are in fact the manifestations that characterize the territory of Acquapendente, including the Peasant Party, a demonstration made in the name of the city's rediscovery. Museums are open even at night, many are also the folk shows, the flea markets and the walks in the ancient village.

  • Events Acquapendente

    • Feast of Our Lady in bloom : Event celebrated in May in which marvelous handmade mosaics of petals and leaves ­the famous Pugnaloni­ adorn the streets of the city, in a riot of colors.
    • Country festival: this August event is an opportunity to rediscover the city, even late at night with open museums, shows and much more.
    • Festival of pappardelle with wild boar: the second ten days of August, Acquapendente returns the Wild Boar Festival, with a varied menu based on wild boar and lots of fun.
    • Fregnaccia Festival :on the occasion of the Carnival celebrations, you can enjoy the famous "Fregnaccia", a flatbread with a special flavor, somewhere between sweet and salty.
    • Nativity scene : during the Christmas season the major contest is the "Nativity scene", in which any businesses of the municipality of Acquapendente compete in the realization of the Holy crib.

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  • Typical Products of Acquapendente

    • Spelts: Acquapendente is well known for its great varity of typical products, one of which is certainly the "spelts". It is a local variety of cereal that is grown mainly in Acquapendente and neighboring countries. It has been consumed for centuries in the upper Tuscia and, according to tradition, it is mainly used to prepare a soup of farro and lentils. Currently, although it is not easy, you can find it on the market, ready for consumption.
    • Green Bean: This particular variety of bean is mainly produced in the upper Tuscia. It is so named because of its yellow­greenish color. This legume is considered very valuable both because of its tenderness and for the delicacy of its flavor.
    • Oil: The extra virgin olive oil is a high quality product, with an unmistakable taste. Approximately the ⅕th of the entire production of Lazio's olive oil comes from the Tuscia, an area in which the olive culture is deeply rooted in history and local culture. The great qualities of these oils are to be found in the land itself: a volcanic soil rich in elements and nutrients, which is the real responsable for this high quality product.
    • Saint Anthony's biscuit: This dessert is one of the most appreciated typical products of Tuscia. It is a braid-shaped sweet bread mixed and cooked according to ancient recipes which are still jealously handed down from mother to daughter. It is typical of Acquapendente, but can also be found in nearby areas.
    • Honey: One of the best local products that can be found in the Tuscia is definitely the honey. Thanks to the great ecological value, the variety of habitats and the hundreds of species of flowers of this area, a unique and great quality honey is obtained. A real must-try product, perhaps during an outing near Viterbo.
    • Imbriachelle (wine donuts): The imbriachelle are typical biscuits of Tuscia that can be found either with an oblong shape or as a small donut. They have a unique flavor because the main ingredients are wine and walnuts.
    • Fregnacce, pizzacce or frittelloni (typical Italian pancakes):This is a typical local dish which is prepared on the occasion of the Carnival, in February. This dish is simple to prepare and it is currently cooked and eaten in many cellars of the elderly and is so popular that there is even a popular saying: "The fregnaccie are good either hot or cold"
    Images taken from Google Images and Flickr