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Arlena di Castro

The little village among the Volsini Mountains

  • Discover Arlena di Castro

    Arlena di Castro is a small agricultural center surrounded by Volsini mountains. The country is located on the south­western side the of the volcanic landscape and is crossed by many rivers. On its territory there are many wheat and olives crops which provide high quality food products.

    Well worth visiting is the church of San Rocco, built in 1500, with inside some eighteenth­ century frescoes, such as the Madonna of the Rosary and the Holy Trinity. Arlena di Castro is a quiet town, surrounded by greenery, where you can rediscover the ancient flavors of the past. It is the ideal destination for a weekend of relaxation and good food.
  • What to see in Arlena di Castro

  • History of Arlena di Castro

    Arlena di Castro is a small agricultural town in the heart of Volsini mountains, located on the south west side of the volcanic landscape and furrowed by a variety of streams that form the river Arrone. Almost completely uninhabited and reduced to an ancient ruin, it was virtually re­founded during the second half of the sixteenth century, at the behest of Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, who in 1573 installed there some families from Allerona.

    Later the possession of the village passed from the Duchy of Castro and Ronciglioneto Count Alessandro Cardelli, by permission of Pope Pius VI, who then sold it to the Polish Prince Poniatowski. The economy of this small town is based mainly on the cultivation of wheat and olives, but also on products from the greenhouse and open field, such as tomatoes, asparagus, melon, watermelon and pepper.

    Widespread is also the breeding of sheep although it is decreasing, mainly due to the crisis of the sector.

    In the area there are also some active pumice quarries.

  • Events Arlena di Castro

    • Holy Week: During the Easter period, in Arlena di Castro there is the re¬≠enactment of Christ's Passion. The event consists of three days: from Good Friday it continues until the Sunday of the Resurrection. During the event there is a procession with a parade on Friday, a representation of the Passion of Christ on Saturday, and celebrations with fireworks for the Resurrection of Christ on Sunday.

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  • Typical Products of Arlena di Castro

    • Wheat:Very popular is the cultivation of the wheat crop that provides a high quality product, thanks to the remoteness of urban and industrial centers.
    • Oil:From local olives, arises an extra virgin olive oil, strong flavored and dark in color, tending to emerald green, with golden highlights.