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  • Faliscans land and the Amerina way.

    The Etruscans were not the only ones to live in Tuscia; another old civilization that lived for many years in this territory were the Faliscans. Read this article to know more about the old civilization and the territory were they lived.
  • Where to trek in Tuscia: discover all the best places

    In Tuscia territory is possible to find anything you like such as nature, history, archeology and architecture. If you love trekking, here you can find many different paths and many different landscapes to enjoy. There are many places to visit, that sometimes it is not easy to choose where to trek. For this reason i wrote this article, in order to suggest you the best places where you can trek in Tuscia.
  • Villa Lante Bagnaia: a jewel in the Tuscia

    Just a few kilometres from Viterbo, in Bagnaia, next to Cimini Mountains there is the astonishing Villa Lante, a perfect between nature and architecture in the Tuscia. The Villa was built in 1200 by the Viterbo prelates, who were the Lord of Bagnaia. At the time the Villa was not...
  • 5 things to see in the old Viterbo

    The heart of Viterbo is definitely well represented by the San Pellegrino quarter, which is a clear example of thirteen-century architecture still well maintained. Here you can face a completely different atmosphere compared with rest of the city: walking through the narrow streets and getting lost among them is the...
  • 5 things to do absolutely in Caprarola

    Caprarola village is situated on a tuff spur in one of the southern side of the Cimini Mountain. This is one the most touristic places of the Tuscia area because of many reasons: palace, churches, typical food, Vico lake and above all the magnificent Farnese Palace. In this article I am going to tell you five things you must do absolutely if you plan to visit Caprarola.
  • The Tuscia volcanic lakes

    The Tuscia territory is very large and it is possible to find very different landscapes: two mountains,  flat territories, next to the sea, tuff villages, hot springs, green woods and among these beauties you can find 4 amazing lakes. In this article I am going to deal with all the lakes...
  • Mytuscia: the most complete website about Tuscia

    Welcome to MyTuscia!!! The new website about Tuscia. MyTuscia was born with the purpose to describe and give useful information to people interested in discovering the Tuscia, the etruscan territory around Viterbo. The Mytuscia writers are people that lives in this area and knows deeply this zone and wants to spread his...

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