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San Pellegrino flowers: the Viterbo centre gets colored

San Pellegrino flowers, after the Saint of Rose Machine, is one the best event in Viterbo.

For about a week, since 25 years, all the medieval quarter is decorated with any kind of flowers and plants.

This event was born in 1987 thanks to Armando Malè, Fabio Fontana, Giuseppe Genovese and S.S. Salvatore commitee, tried to find a way to paint for one day the old city centre. Thus, he involved all the florists in Viterbo and around it  in order to show their flowers and plants.

This is how the unique event was born. From that idea, every year, the last day of april and the first days of may San Pellegrino flowers takes place.

San Pellegrino flowers

San Pellegrino flowers

Six years later was founded San Pellegrino flowers corporation, which every year organize the event and everything needed to make Viterbo city centre an astonishing bloom.

During this day walking through the narrow Viterbo streets is wonderful. The contrast between the dark gray of the building and colorful flowers creates a unique atmosphere that no where else you can enjoy.

San Pellegrino square Viterbo

San Pellegrino square

As you can see in the previous picture, this is a real colorful city bloom. Flowers are everywhere, in the streets, in the squares, in the shops, on the stairs and even on the balconies. 

The best place in my opinion is the main square where the Popes Palace is, the one in the following image.

Popes Palace with flowers

Popes Palace with flowers

Ma San Pellegrino flowers is much more then a simple event. It is a special moment for all the Tuscia locals and tourists where, for only a week, the architecture, the history and the colorful nature mix together.

Typical Tuscia products

Typical Tuscia products

Further than posy, there are many artisan, showing their hand-made objects, and local producer selling  and make taste their delicious products.

Here you can taste for free the Canino oil, different wines made around Viterbo, hazelnuts mainly from Caprarola, honey, cheese, and many other products from all around Tuscia.

San Lorenzo square

San Lorenzo square

In conclusion, if you are in Viterbo or in any other place in Tuscia, at the end of april and the beginning of may you can absolutely miss this amazing and unique event famous in the whole Italy.