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The village with the beautiful Carnival

  • Discover Ronciglione

    At about 18 Kilometers from Viterbo, Ronciglione is a village in the countryside, surrounded by forests of beech, chestnut and oak.
    The village lies on the outer slopes of the volcanic crater Vico, 442 meters above the sea level.

    Lake Vico, in the immediate vicinity of the village, is definitely one of the places to must visit if you are in Ronciglione.

    Tourism, agriculture and handicrafts are the foundations on which the city's economy. Among the most exploited crops there is of course the hazelnut, a typical product par excellence, as well as wine and chestnuts.

    Ronciglione is the ideal destination to discover an unspoiled nature and to spend a relaxing holiday, pausing at the sight of Lake Vico or walking through the green forests of Cimini mountains.

  • What to see in Ronciglione

  • History of Ronciglione

    The origins of Ronciglione date back to the Etruscan settlements of which there still is a trace in the small cemetery of the area.

    In Roman times Ronciglione most likely represented a "castrum" between Cassia Cimina and Cassia Clodia.

    In the Dark Ages, the town suffered numerous barbarian incursions, until it was included in the Papal Curia Roman Duchy.

    The construction of the village of Ronciglione core is attributed to the prefects of Vico, who took their name from the lake in the territory that they dominated for centuries.

    In 1435 the Pope beheaded the last member of the Di Vico family and gave Ronciglione to that of Anguillara.

    In the sixteenth century Pope Paul III Farnese joined the county of Ronciglione to the Duchy of Castro; during this period the town experienced a period of great Renaissance splendor and a urban planning revision. The great monuments that we still admire today, including the Fontana Grande, the Church of Peace and Porta Romana, were built at the time.

    In these same years it was consolidated the tradition of the carnival that still represents one of the most important moments for citizenship and for the entire population of Tuscia.

    Burdened by debt, in the seventeenth century, the Farnese eventually lost the Duchy of Castro and Ronciglione and the town came under the direct control of the Papal States.

    Over the following years it suffered fires and looting by French troops and a severe bombing during the Second World War.

  • Events Ronciglione

    • Ronciglione Carnival:The Carnival is one of the most popular events in Tuscia. Rich of shows, it began as a propitiatory rite for agriculture. On this occasion there are numerous events, such as the Riderless Ride and the Ride of the Hussars.
    • Riderless Ride:on this occasion some horses gallop riderless, representating the 9 districts of the city competing through the streets of the city.
    • Cavalcade of the Hussars: Commemorative of the French rule, the ride of the Hussars is a spectacular ride during which a group of riders, dressed in clothes of the nineteenth, parade through the streets of the city.
    • Beer festival:in the first half of August in order to refresh the warm summer nights there will be the Beer Festival, with music and tastes.
    • Festival of the Boats:on the occasion of the celebration of St. Anna, you can visit a fair held in the homonym district and you can taste local products such as the delicious fried pizza.
    • Borough Festival:in August 10 days of events are organized on the occasion of the borough festival, with a suggestive candlelight procession on horseback, a singing contests and the famous "Fagiolata" (beanade).
    • Walking through the Nativity scenes:the event takes place on the occasion of the Feast of Immaculate Conception and on this occasion you can take a walk to the discovery of the most beautifu handmade nativity scenes.

    Scopri gli eventi in corso

  • Typical Products of Ronciglione

    • Hazelnuts:typical product of the area the hazelnut is used alone or as a base for tasty desserts such as creams, dots and biscuits.
    • Wine:sweet wines with a unique flavor are produced in this area. Excellent to accompany cakes made with hazelnuts and chestnuts typical of this land.
    • Chestnuts:The chestnut production is flourishing and is also used and especially for the realization of great cakes and tasty jams.