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An amazing village on the Amerina way

  • Discover Vasanello

    Located in the south­eastern slope of the Cimini Mountains, Vasanello is a town of just over 4,000 inhabitants and is about 27 Km from the capital Viterbo.

    The medieval village is characterized by the powerful Castle Orsini-­Della Rovere-Colonna and the typical bell towers of old churches.

    The crenellated walls and corner towers of the fortress stand out at once to the eye of the visitor. Do not miss to visit the Church of Santa Maria with its lovely porch.

    Also interesting is the Church of the Savior with its fabulous bell tower, decorated with mullioned windows.

    There are many events that take place in Vasanello, including the "Ortaccio Jazz Festival" a Jazz music festival under the stars, and the tasty “Gnocchi Festival”.

  • What to see in Vasanello

  • Video of Vasanello

  • History of Vasanello

    Alongside of the ancient Via Amerina, between Monte Cimino and the Tiber, surrounded by a frame of mountains, stands Vasanello.

    The earliest records of Vasanello (who once, for an exchange of consonants and the similarity with the nearby Bassano was called Bassanello), date back to the tenth century, when the center was granted as a fief from the Pope to the Abbey of San Silvestro in Rome.

    In the thirteenth century the Abbey was in the hands of a women's religious community which also administered the surrounding land, donating a part to the community.

    In the Middle Ages the period of infighting in Rome, Bassanello experienced a period of relative calm, protected by its walls and by an agreement with neighboring municipalities in order to maintain mutual peace and defend against common enemies.

    Over the centuries the different Popes granted the castle and then the territories of Bassanello to powerful local families such as the Orsini, the Della Rovere, the Colonna. With the latter the town ushered in a period of stability and splendor, until the seventeenth century when its assets passed to the Bank of Italy and then to the Agrarian University.

    The castle was eventually acquired at the beginning of the last century by Luigi Misciattelli who restored it and planted there a superbly crafted pottery.

    At this point the city returned to be called Vasanello, from "Vaso” (Pot), because the first ones who settled on its lands did it in order to start this valuable activity, resumed only centuries later.

  • Events Vasanello

    • Ortaccio Jazz Festival: in early August there is a festival of jazz music, with many events and themed concerts.
    • May Day:tin he second half of May, we celebrate a festival at Castello Orsini to rediscover the beauty of the spring and the life in the Middle Ages, with craftsmen and street artists.
    • Gnocchi Festival: The festival takes place between late July and early August and it is an excellent opportunity to discover the typical "gnocco cò the rattacacio", a type of pasta made with flour and eggs.
    • The streets of taste: food and wine tour in late September that takes place in the historic center of Vasanello.
    • The small door in bloom:floriculture event in late April, with many decorated location of spring flowers for a riot of colors and scents.

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  • Typical Products of Vasanello

    • Hazelnuts:high-quality hazelnut, resulting from the many cultivation in the area. Great for the realization of typical sweets but not only.
    • Wine:white and red wine from the local vineyards, perfect to accompany the local cuisine.
    • Cheese:cacios, ricotta and pecorino, are only a few of the dairy products of the area.
    • Gnocco cò lo rattacacio:gnocchi made with flour and eggs characteristicly shaped like a dome.