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A unique village surrounded by the Cimini mountains

  • Discover Vetralla

    Surrounded by two rivers, Vetralla is a medieval village which is about 15 Km from Viterbo.

    The town has a strategic location that puts it at a few kilometers from Viterbo and Rome, and from the beaches of Tarquinia Lido.

    The town has a strategic location that puts it at a few kilometers from Viterbo and Rome, and from the beaches of Tarquinia Lido.

    Vetralla offers tourists who come to visit it many activities, including shops, restaurants and resorts and thanks to the surrounding green, it is the perfect destination for a holiday away from the chaos of the city.

    The village is famous for its mushrooms, which spontaneously grow in the ancient woods that surround it and therefore Vetrlla celebrates a Porcini Mushroom Festival each September.

  • What to see in Vetralla

  • Video of Vetralla

  • History of Vetralla

    Vetralla, whose name is believed to derive from the Latin Vetus Aula (Old City), is located on the western slope of the Cimini mountains, close to the Lake Vico.

    Immersed in the countryside around Viterbo, Vetralla is populated by ancient forests in which the famous porcini mushrooms can be collected. Expanses of olive groves, the area offer a high quality extra virgin olive oil, celebrated every year in the oil Festival.

    The city, located near to Via Cassia, it was once inhabited by the Etruscans who suffered numerous invasions and looting by the Romans, including those that took place between 1110 and 1134 from Viterbo. That is why in medieval times massive walls were built to protect the city.

    The settlement was gradually abandoned in Roman times in favor of the nearby Forum Cassii. In the seventh and eighth centuries, following the barbarian invasions, even this center began to lose population.

    Thus what would become the current Vetralla was founded: a small settlement built on a rocky outcrop overlooking the San Antonio Valley.

    By the first half of the VIII century Vetralla became part of the patrimony of St. Peter. In later centuries, Vetralla was subject to the dominion of different gentlemen, including the Orsini, the Di Vico, Anguillara and the Farnese, to whom we owe the construction of some buildings in the city, including the Castle.

    After the domination of these families the town became a possession of the Apostolic Chamber, but it had a not entirely idyllic relationship with the Papal States.

    At the end of 700 and for the next century, Vetralla saw the presence on its territory of French, Austrians and Russians.

    It was then involved in the Italian Renaissnace, until the capture of Rome in 1870.

  • Events Vetralla

    • Porcini Mushroom Festival:in September in Vetralla it is possible to taste the porcini mushroom, used as the main ingredient for many savory dishes.
    • Oil feast:in November it is celebrated one of the most appreciated local products, the olive oil, with tastings and the possibility to purchase it directly from mills and farms of Vetralla.
    • Feast of merca:the event takes place in late April and it is a real review of typical organic products and animals, with tests of skill in assembling and harness, conferences and exhibition of pastoralism.
    • Flowers at the window and dinners in the cellar:the event takes place in June and brings together a series of events related to the taste, shows and guided tours of Vetralla.
    • Potato festival:in the second half of September takes place in Vetralla an event where you can taste many delicious potato dishes, all accompanied by music, stands and much more.
    • Beer Festival ­- Vetralla Music Festival:between late July and early August is celebrated the Beer Festival, an opportunity to be together within food stalls, markets and rivers of great beer.
    • The wedding of the tree:tree: the event takes place in early May and celebrates the deep bond between man and earth. It is an occsion of aggregation, with lots of music and the representation of a legendary “marriage” between two oak trees.
    • Celebration of Sharpshooters:it is an interprovincial gathering of sharpshooters, who parade through the streets of the city, performing in a final corcert in Selvarella district.
    • Madonna of the Thunderbolt celebration:a stunning floral display is set up along the avenue leading to the Church of Our Lady of the Thunderbolt. Gastronomy, folklore, funny Donkey Festival, round out the event.

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  • Typical Products of Vetralla

    • Porcini Mushrooms:caught in the woods and in the countryside surrounding Vetralla, the porcini mushroom is one of the most important products of the area.
    • Olive oil:it is one of the best extra virgin olive oils of the Tuscia and it is celebrated during the Oil Feast in November.