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Medieval brough on the rivers of a lake

  • Discover Capodimonte

    Capodimonte is located on the southwest shore of Lake Bolsena, which gives the country a striking landscape. For its rich landscape of atmosphere, Capodimonte is one of the tourist destinations of Tuscia. Full of good food and good wine, Capodimonte celebrates one of its culinary peculiarities, whitefish, fish typical of fresh water of Lake Bolsena at the Whitefish Festival.

    The country has a large beach area on the lake and a marina for pleasure boats. Of great historical importance is the Farnese Palace of Capodimonte, also known as the Rock, which stands on a small volcanic headland, at the center of the town. The building was erected by Pier Luigi Farnese in the XVth century over the ruins of an ancient castle.

    Nearby Capodimonte, a very ancient necropolis with tombs dating back to Etruscan times extends itself for about 5 km. Capodimonte is the ideal destination for those who want to spend a pleasant holiday surrounded by amazing views, enhanced by the crystal clear waters of Lake Bolsena.

  • What to see in Capodimonte

  • History of Capodimonte

    The picturesque village of Capodimonte is located on a promontory at about 330 meters over the lake Bolsena. Overlooks the town the imposing sixteenth-century fortress of Farnese, one of the most beautiful and important monuments of the village.

    Heir to the ancient Etruscan town of Vesentum, it was destroyed in 280 AC and later rebuilt by the Romans under the name Visentium. From the earliest times of Christianity it became a diocese and a city hall. In the middle of the eighth century it was again destroyed by the Lombards.

    The population then dispersed itself but part of it founded the first nucleus of Capodimonte, on a promontory. Another group instead built the medieval castle of Bisenzio.

    Capodimonte was submissive to the lords of Bisenzio in the eleventh century, the City of Orvieto in the thirteenth century, the Montefiascone's episcopal seat in 1369, to the Farnese lordship of the Duchy of Castro in 1385; finally it passed to the Papal States in the mid-seventeenth century and remained there until the coming of the Kingdom of Italy.

  • Events Capodimonte

    • Festival of Whitefish: at August the whitefish, the famous freshwater fish of Lake Bolsena, is celebrated and tasted with many recipes.
    • Beer festival: in the first half of August, in Capodimonte you can taste many types of beer, all accompanied by live music and food stands.
    • San Rocco and August's Fires: in mid-August, during the celebrations of the town's patron saint, San Rocco, you can watch a magnificent fireworks display.
    • Summer flavors: in August, in Capodiomonte you can taste many typical dishes of Tuscia, surrounded by the stunning background of Lake Bolsena.

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  • Typical Products of Capodimonte

    • Whitefish: freshwater fish, typical of the Lake Bolsena's area. During the festival of whitefish, you can eat it in many recipes of the local tradition.
    • Lattarino: tiny fish that abounds in the waters of Lake Bolsena. It is consumed mainly fried.