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The village of peperino just below the Cimini Mountains

  • Discover Vitorchiano

    Among woods of oak, ash and chestnut stands the village of Vitorchiano, a small town surrounded by greenery. The extensive forests and rivers that surround it recreate the natural habitat for many species of animals and flowers.

    Vitorchiano is perched on a volcanic outcrop and lies at the foot of the Cimini Mountains, towards the valley of the Vezza.

    Its old town definitely merits a visit, as it hides treasures and architectonic major.

    There are also many events that are celebrated in Vitorchiano, including the recall of Cavatello Festival, where you can enjoy this homemade pasta, listening to good music or watching one of the shows prepared for the occasion.

  • Video of Vitorchiano

  • History of Vitorchiano

    Of Etruscan origin, the city became a Roman fort and then was turned into a fortified urban center during the Middle Ages, due to its location on a high lava stone peak, virtually impregnable.

    Inextricably linked to close and powerful Viterbo, at the end of the twelfth century the town declared its freedom, it became a fief of Rome and was well exposed to the attack of Viterbo militias, who in 1232, took over the city and destroyed it.

    Annibaldi fortified the village with new walls that made Vitorchiano virtually impregnable, but the the inhabitants not endured to be subjected to a private government and so in 1267 they provided at their own expense to reimburse Giovanni Annibaldi for costs incurred and again Vitorchiano become a free town.

    But unable to manage their own city the Vitorchianes decided to make a solemn act of submission to Rome that repaid them by naming the city "Faithful Land Urbe", recognizing them tax exemptions, and allowing it to add to their coat of arms the initials S.P.Q.R.

  • Events Vitorchiano

    • Festival of cavatello:between late July and early August in Vitorchiano is celebrated the cavatello, a homemade pasta topped with excellent sauces. Everything is enlivened by numerous events and entertainment organized for the occasion.
    • Poggiata:on the occasion of the celebrations for San Michele Arcangelo a social snack is organized in a forest near the sanctuary of St. Michael, where they are consumed the typical donut of St. Michael, a salted aniseed donut.
    • Rabbit Leprino Festival:a late September event where you can enjoy a delicious dinner with proceeds going to charity.
    • Medieval feast:at the end of September it is celebrated a festival with lots of shows and re­enactments related to the Middle Ages.
    • St. Michael the Archangel:in the first ten days of May the celebrations for San Michele Arcangelo are organized, with many cultural events, shows and a Tombola.

    Scopri gli eventi in corso

  • Typical Products of Vitorchiano

    • Chestnuts:As in many other villages of upper Lazio, also in Vitorchiano there are many chestnut trees that produce high­-quality chestnuts. Great alone, but also as an ingredient for cakes and other recipes.
    • Hazelnuts:Hazel too, like the chestnut, is the undisputed star of the area. High quality product, used for the production of sweets and much more.
    • Olive oil:Great and ancient olive groves produce a high quality oil, with an antique flavor slightly bitter, but that perfectly combines all the typical dishes of the area.
    • Wine:Red and white wines of the Tuscia tradition, produced from high-quality grapes that make the wines of Vitoirchiano among the most enjoyed of the Region.
    • Mushrooms:The dense forest surrounding Vitorchiano is an ideal place for growing edible fungi, including the famous porcini.