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Visiting Sutri: 5 things to do in the Etruscan village

Sutri was considered the Etruscan dooor and was a strategic point for goods and pilgrims transit until the middle age, when it became one of the many properties of the pontifical state.

In Sutri you can arrive from the Cassia Way where you can discover many of the Etruscan ruins.

In this Tuscia village there is a regional park of about 7 hectares which has many treasures to discover!

If you are visiting Sutri you can not miss this post to discover al the best places to see in the Tuscia jewel.

The amazing necropolis of Sutri

Next to the Cassia Way, on the left coming from Rome, you can see one of the best preserved Etruscan-Roman necropolis of the whole Tuscia, with different types of Etruscan tombs, from those in the room, traditional of the Etruscan civilization, to the niches for urns.

Necropolis in Sutri

Necropolis in Sutri

L'anfiteatro romano

The Roman amphitheater, dug into a hill of tuff, was unearthed after centuries of burial, in the last century. It has an elliptical shape and tuff staircases that could accommodate up to five thousand spectators.


The roman amphitheater in Sutri

The roman amphitheater in Sutri

Today it is accessed through a vault door and the sight is really amazing

The Mitreo

Continuing the walk in the Regional Park of Sutri you reach the famous Mitreo, a place dedicated to the god Mithras and obtained from the destruction of some Etruscan tombs. To visit it you have to ask the staff present in the park, but it's worth it: in fact there are astonishing frescoes and really old majolicas dating back to the Christian period.

Savorelli Palace

Savorelli Palace

Savorelli Palace

From the Mitreo you can walk uphill and reach the beautiful Savorelli Villa, where you can be surprised by  the unique and wonderful italian garden.

This one is very similar to Villa Lante with labyrinthine hedges, the  holy wood and the path among oak trees wich ends with a great view of the amphitheater.

The Duomo

Even the old town of Sutri is worth a visit; from the main square with bars and outdoor seating, the large central fountain and the beautiful city hall, you can get lost in the many tiny alleys with typical shops and restaurants to eat the local specialties.

The duomo of Sutri

The duomo of Sutri

The last thing to do during your staying in Sutri is definitely a visit in the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta or simply the Duomo, built during the roman period on the ruins of a pagan temple.

Over the centuries the church went through many changes and renovations and now appears with a late Baroque appearance. Anyway you could find Traces of the beautiful past in the Cosmatesque floor and in the crypt under the apse.

You have enough time to visit other places, i suggest you to check even Caprarola or the unique Calcata.

Enjoy your staying.