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Calcata: the village build on tuff between Rome and Viterbo

Discovering Calcata for the first time is always a surprise. When you arrive there is a road full of hairpin turns, which hide the village to the end. Suddenly you will see the amazing village built on a tuff spur and you will be amazed by its beauty.

Landscape of Calcata tuscia

Landscape of Calcata

It is impossible parking inside the village because there are not parkings, so you have to keep driving for 5 minute up to the hill until when you find the new village, where you can easily leave your car.

This amazing village was left empty in the 1935 because of a law declaring to abandon and demolish all the italian villages unsafe and at geological risk.

At the time the new Calcata was built just next to the old one but the unsafe part was never abandoned by the people.

At the moment there is a community of creatives established in this isolated place. There are singers, painters, sculptors and many others who have chosen this calm place to live.

Now we are going to see 5 things you can not absolutely miss if you want to visit Calcata.

Trekking in Treja Valley

All around Calcata the nature is very beautiful and trekking in the wonderful Treja valley is a must.

But the nature is not the only beauty of this place. It is full of Faliscan traces that lived over here in the past.

There are many treks you can choose, from easy paths to difficult ones. This trekking zone is one of the best in all the Tuscia region.

Treja valley calcata

Treja valley

Getting lost in the old Calcata

The old village it can be visited only by walk, there are no vehicles at all. There are many dead-end tiny streets going from the main square to the high cliff which face the Treja valley.

Get in all the old shops

Leather goods, furniture, jewelry and much more you can find here in the weird and typical shops. If you want to buy something particular i suggest you to not leave the place without visiting the handmade shops.

Calcata street

Calcata street

Take a break in the tea room

The "room 101", so it is called, is a unique place where you can taste a delicious tea from all around the world.  Do not forget to eat some of the desserts the prepare, they are amazing.

Take a look even at the terrace where you can enjoy a Treja valley view.

Visit the main church

The main church in Calcata is famous because until some years ago there was a Jesus Christ foreskin. This was presented to the Pope Leone the third but was stolen and brought to Calcata in the 1957.

Some years ago unfortunately the precious relic disappeared and has not been found yet.

Calcata church

Calcata church