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Where to trek in Tuscia: discover all the best places

In Tuscia territory is possible to find anything you like such as nature, history, archeology and architecture. If you love trekking, here you can find many different paths and many different  landscapes to enjoy.

There are many places to visit, that sometimes it is not easy to choose where to trek. For this reason i wrote this article, in order to suggest you the best places where you can trek in Tuscia.

So if you are a trekking lover you have to visit this explore because they are the best ones around Viterbo.

 The Treja valley regional park

The Treja valley regional park is named like this because of the Treja river goes through it.

Here you can find different areas such as dense vegetation,  grazing land and tuff zones, deriving from a intense volcanic activity in the past.

The park was established in 1982, it is 1000 hectares big and is located between two villages: Calcata and Mazzano.

If you want to visit it i suggest you to sleep at least 1 night in one of these two villages and from there you can start the trekking.

Treja Vally Trekking

Treja Vally Trekking

Most beautiful path i suggest you to do is the one that goes from Frozen Mountain (Monte Gelato) to Calcata. This village is absolutely a must to visit because is unique. It was built on a tuff spur and the last years has been abandoned because of its isolation. At the moment only a few people live there and they own restaurants or accommodations for visitors.

I have been here many times because is one of the best places if you want to trek in Tuscia. I can suggest you the paths i prefer, which are 001, 002 and 019. For all of them you would need roughly 4 hours walk.

The trekking starts from Frozen Mountain (Monte Gelato), exactly from the waterfalls and keeps going along the river. Roughly after 90 minutes walk you reach Mazzano Romano. From here you get to the 002 trail which will take you again along the river. Afterwards you will reach the amazing Calcata thanks to the 0019 path.

Rufeno Mountain

Completely in the other side of the Treja Valley, in the northern Tuscia, there are many trails for trekking and for cycling.  Here in Rufeno Mountain (monte Rufeno) there are many different paths for everybody, from  children to expert explorers.

Tuscia trekking Rufeno Mountain

Tuscia trekking

The main path goes through beautiful woods and are signed by yellow pickets, really easy to follow. The nature here is wonderful because is still wild.


If you are around here, trekking in this park is a must. 

Calanchi Valley

Calanchi Valley (valle dei calanchi) is a magical place, famous because there is the well known Civitella di Bagnoreggio, even called the dead city.

This unique city was built on a tuff spur and it can be reached only by a bridge. In the past the bridge collapsed and the city was isolated for long time. This is the reason why the bridge is completely new.

Civita di Bagnoregio calanchi valley tuscia

Civita di Bagnoregio

The trekking paths here are gorgeous. From Bagnoreggio you can reach Vaiano and Case Sociano.

The landscapes you can see during this trekking are grazing lands, woods and rocky slops.

If you decide to trek trough the Calanchi Valley you will discover even many caves used as shelter during the second world war.

My suggestion is to trek for a little while around the Calanchi Valley and end the walt enjoying the astonishing Calcata, where seems like the time stopped many years ago.

Blera - Barbarano Romano

Between Calcata and Civitella di Bagnoreggio there is an other beautiful trekking. This is the Valley which separates two tiny villages Blera and Barbarano Romano. This is one of the walks to not miss if you want to trek in Tuscia.

You can start from Barbarano Romano, exactly next to the village entrance main door which will take you to the Biedano creek, which is a tiny river that in the past was much bigger. The high rocks you can visit during this trekking were made by this river when it still was high.

Anyway, after a couple of hours of rocks, wood, little waterfalls and streams, you will reach Blera.

Barbarano Romano

Barbarano Romano

During this amazing trekking you can even visit ancient caves built by the the extremely old civilization of Etruscans.

Vulci archeological park

Vulci is an ancient Etruscan city located close to Montalto di Castro. This is an amazing park because here you can see both nature and old archeology. If you want to trek in Vulci archeological park you can choose between many different paths.

trekking tusciaThe most famous trekking is the one that takes you across the whole valley and reaches the well known François grave.

You will love this beautiful paths between history and nature, and at the end you will take a break next to Pellicone lake.

From here you will climb volcanic rocks and finally you will reach the wonderful Vulci Castle (Castello di Vulci)