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Faliscans land and the Amerina way.

The Etruscans were not the only ones to live in Tuscia; another old civilization that lived for many years in this territory were the Faliscans.

They occupied a wide territory from Soratte mountain to Cimini mountains, and the center was a city that now is called Civita Castellana.

The Faliscans, even though they kept their independence, they were strongly influenced by the Etruscans.

Together, Faliscans and Etruscans tried continuously to fight against the Romans, but the 241 B.C. lost a famous battle and they had move somewhere else.

Thus, the Faliscans were forced to build an other city called Falerii Novi, a Fabrica di Roma hamlet.

Juppiter Arch Faleri Tuscia

Juppiter Arch

Still nowadays, along the way that connects Faleri and Fabrica di Roma is possible to see some ruins of the old Falerii Nova.

To not miss is the beautiful Juppiter Arch really close to the Santa Maria Abbey in Faleri. You can see it in the previous picture.

Next to the arch there were the old city walls and in this zone were found many necropolis. This were graves of the old Faliscan civilization.

Grazing lands around Faleri Tuscia

Grazing lands around Faleri

After visiting the Faleri Abbey you can move to Parco Falisco. Here you can find grain fields, grazing lands, oak woods and, above all,  an astonishing necropolis with tuff graves that  you can see in the following pictures. These ones were built roughly in the second century B.C.

Faleri Necropolis Tuscia

Faleri Necropolis

The landscape here is amazing, a perfect mix between history, nature and architecture.  If you plan to travel around this zone you can not miss this place.

Falischi road: the Amerina way

The Amerina way necropolis extends for all the territory around Faleri. This can be divided in three different zones. Cava Foce, Tre ponti e Cavo degli Zucchi.

Nature and caves along the Amerina way Tuscia

Nature and caves along the Amerina

The Amerina way, is one of the less known roman streets and it is about 56 kilometers  long.

Nowadays is a beautiful trekking to do but it was used as a fast connection between cities for commercial purposes.

According to Cicerone it was the fastest way from Rome to reach the Umbria region.

The Amerina Way

The Amerina Way

The Amerina way kept his importance even during the Middle Ages when was used as connection between Rome and the Ravenna Duchy.

Afterwards the construction of a better way between Nepi and Civita Castellana, the Amerina way fell into disuse. Thus, it became the favorite way chosen by the pilgrims headed to Rome.