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Visiting Montefiascone: 5 thing to see in the village of wine

Placed on a hill of about 600 meters above the sea level, Montefiascone stands, with its tower and the great Cathedral, over the Bolsena Lake, on the edge of a vast volcanic crater that reaches the lake, right opposite the town of Marta.

The name refers to the term "Monte Fiascone" and reminds  the vineyards that cover its territory and the delicious wine Est! Est!! Est!!!, famous throughout the world.

Between Montefiascone and Viterbo, along the road Cassia, traces of settlements and ancient civilizations can be clearly seen. It was during the Roman period that the city experienced better fortunes, thanks to the system of roads that crossed it.

Bolsena Lake

Bolsena Lake

In the eighth century, the town joined spontaneously the Papal States, until the twelfth century when it became a free village.

During the following centuries it was occupied many times, by the Ottone the forth, then by Francesco Sforza in the fourteenth century and in the end it joined the nascent Kingdom of Italy.

Today there are many pilgrims crossing Italy that stop in Montefiascone, which is only 100 kilometers from the Saint Pieter Tomb.

So if you are travelling in Tuscia, visit Montefiascone, its monuments, enjoy the view and taste his wine is a must for every tourist.

Now we are going to see the best attractions in Montefiascone you can not miss.

Visiting Santa Margherita Church

Santa Margherita Church is in a small square where also you can find the Bishop's Palace with a small garden terrace.

Inside the church there is a huge dome which was built in the 1674 by Carlo Fontana and this is the biggest after the one in  St. Peter's Church in Rome.


The Church of Santa Margherita

The Church of Santa Margherita

The interior of the cathedral is very charming and inside you can find 7 different chapels including numerous paintings, sculptures and other forms of art.

Enjoy the view of the lake from Rocca dei Papi

Placed at the highest point of Montefiascone, the Rocca dei Papi was built in the twelfth century by the Pope. At a later stage, Cesare Borgia and Giuliano da Sangallo the Elder (who also designed the renovation of the fortress of the Borgias in Nepi) renewed it in the sixteenth century.

Rocca dei Papi in Montefiascone

Rocca dei Papi in Montefiascone

Today it hosts cultural events and exhibitions and, from the square in front of it,  you can enjoy a wonderful view over the fields and on Bolsena Lake.

Pilgrims monuments in via Francigena

Pilgrims monuments in via Francigena

Visit the Church of San Flaviano

At the foot of the hill on which Montefiascone stands, there is the beautiful Church of San Flaviano, built in the early eleventh century.

Over the centuries it was redesigned many times and it went through many changes. Today the Church has two separate entrances: one on the lower floor to the east and another to the west.

Have a break in the Council square

You can get in the Council Palace through an arch surmounted by the Clock Tower. Right in front of it there is the small square which is  in one of the best and pleasant places in all the town.

The council square and the Sant'Andrea church

The council square and the Sant'Andrea church

Here you can also find the Palazzo Renzi, the Sant'Andrea church and the well built by Urban the fifth in the fourteenth century.

Don't forget to drink the wine Est!Est!!Est!!!

You can not leave Montefiascone before having tasted its best product: the wine Est!Est!!Est!!!

Here, it can be found pretty much anywhere in every place.

If you want to know more about it and its legend read  this post: The story of the famous wine Est!Est!!Est!!!

Enjoy your stay in Montefiascone and in all the Tuscia!