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5 places to visit around Viterbo

Viterbo is the Tuscia capital, a city full of history, monuments, traditions and much more.

But this one is not only the places to visit in this area because around it, there are many attractions such as tiny villages, monuments and parks, you can not absolutely miss if you around here for holidays.

Thus, today in this post we are going to discover 5 places to visit around Viterbo.

1) Visit Ferento

Only about 6 kilometers far away from Viterbo, there is what used to be the old Ferentum, nowadays called Ferento.

This ancient city was a roman colony were the main activities were agricolture, trade and metals mining. For this reasons Ferento became very rich and from here all the trading around this zone were controlled.  This city faced its most splendor around the 100 B.C period.

Around the hill were the city was built, many necropolis have been found, and in the near Acquarossa an ancient aqueduct has been discovered, which was used to bring water from the Cimini Mountains to the Ferento.

Old roman theater in Ferento

Old roman theater in Ferento

In this picture you can see the old roman theater in Ferento, which is the best preserved trace of the roman civilization. Further than this theater, there were even other beauties such as buildings, streets and thermal baths but nowadays you can see only some ruins.

2) Do not miss the Quercia Sanctuary

Quercia is really small village close to Viterbo which is famous for hosting the Quercia Sanctuary, to honor Virgin Mary and her miracles.

Inside the sanctuary you can find many artworks showing the Madonna. One, above the others, is more famous and this is a Mary portrayal made on a shingle. This was realized by an artist called Martello and nowadays is inside an oak trunch.

Quercia's Madonna Viterbo

Quercia's Madonna

It is said that thanks to the holy Mary many miracles happened in Viterbo. The most famous happened in 1467 when the Madonna saved Viterbo from a bad pestilence.

3) Rilaxing and walikng in San Martino al Cimino

Another Viterbo hamlet is the beautiful San Martino al Cimino. This is a perfect place where you can trek and relax among the woods of beeches, oaks and chestnuts among the Cimini Mountains.

If you love nature, just 5 minutes by car from here you can visit one of the Tuscia volcanic lakes, Vico lake.

Barbecue in San Martino al Cimino Viterbo tuscia

Barbecue area in San Martino al Cimino

But the trekking paths are not the only San Martino al Cimino beauties. In the village you can visit the San Martino church and the Phamphili  palace.

The church was built of around the third century was destroyed and rebuilt many times but it still has it original look.

The Pamphili palace instead, was built in the XVII century and it is very well preserved.

4) Discover Bagnaia

Just a few kilometers from San Martino al Cimino there is Bagnaia, which hosts one of the best monuments in tuscia, the famous Villa Lante, great example of a typical italian garden of the Renaissance.

Villa Lante Bagnaia tuscia

Villa Lante Bagnaia

But this is not the only beautiful thing to see in Bagnaia. In this old village you can see even traces of medieval art such as the castle and the tower, which face the main square.

If you like this kind of monuments you have to visit even the great Farnese palace in Caprarola.

5) Discover the nature in Vitorchiano

Vitorchiano is one the best villages in the whole Italy and the center is one of the best preserved in tuscia.

If you visit this hamlet you can recognize immediately the medieval and renaissance touch thanks to its walls, towers, little squares, fountains and building.

The city center is very typical and pretty, and there are even many view points where you can enjoy the valley landscape.

Moutan Botanic Center Tuscia

Moutan Botanic Center

But the village and the landscape are not the only attractions in Vitorchiano. Here there is the gorgeous Moutan Botanic  Center.

This huge garden extends for  about 15 hectares and hosts the biggest collection of Peonies worldwide.

If you like nature and plants it is a must to visit.